Aluminum Deoxident

  • The company has been manufacturing Aluminum Deoxidents for refining and casting of the steel. The company has been manufacturing the products to suit the customers' need and specification.
  • A specialized product is developed for chemical plants to manufacture Aluminum Chloride.

Aluminum Ingot

  • The ingot are manufactured in the size of 5 Kgs., 8 Kgs., 20 Kgs.. The Aluminum content are as per customers specification which range from 97% to 99%.

Aluminum Notch Bar

  • The notch bar is manufactured in the size of 1 Kg. and with purity ranging from 97% to 98%.

Aluminum Cubes

  • The cube is manufactured in the size of 50 gms and 100 gms. with purity of 97% to 98%.

Aluminum Shots

  • The cube is manufactured in button size from 5 mm. to 10 mm.. The purity ranges from 95% to 96%.

Aluminum Alloys

  • The company also manufactures various aluminum alloys as per LM series specification or as per customer's specification. The company produces master alloys with Silicon and Ferrous for foil industry.
  • The company has equipments for packing and packaging as per customers specification.

Aluminum Wire Rod

  • The Company has established integrated plant to manufacture wire rod through continuous casting route (Properzi Technology).
  • By using our products, steel plants has not only saved money on consumption of aluminum but get also consistent quality in steel.

EC Grade Wire Rod

  • The wire rod with 7.5 mm, 9.5 mm. and 12.5 mm dia are manufactured with primary ingots from primary producers and imports. The coil size varies from 1 Mt to 2 MT according to customers specification.

Commercial Alloys Grade Wire Rod for Steel Plants

  • The technology for using conventional deoxidants has changed significantly in recent time. To meet the consumers requirement, the company has developed commercial alloy grade for steel plants. The rod is specially flipped and packed to ensure proper feeding at the user's end.